Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Post? Random post.

    Within the realm that is my head, lies many random short phrases and traps of which will get my head to ramble off in a different train of thought. For example, I was with my parents on our way out to North Planes, when there was a forest off to our right, someone in the car mentioned rodents or something along those lines, my mind instantly jumped to rabbits, and brought back an old Looney Toons scene to mind...

That video poster is however lame and doesn't want people to embed. Or else I would have!

On another note! I got my new phone yesterday! And, it took it all till today for the service of it to get switched over (I had data usage on it, but not actual calling.) Assuming you're wanting to see it, it's the HTC Thunderbolt, complete with water-slide and everything! Well, not so much on that last part, but enough to make 99% of iPhone users cringe with envy.

It has a kickstand on it, which I find quite useless to be honest, but it has it nevertheless. It's been great... other than the whole "My battery makes you want to cry." This however is to be expected, well that is if you've seen the power behind it.

The next gadget within my sights is the HP Touchpad.. They've been discontinued from HP, and are going on a massive fire sale recently.. Each Touchpad cost over $300 to manufacture, yet they're being sold right now for $100 and $150 each (16gig and 32 gig respectively). Their normal price is $500 and $600, so picking one of these up at this price would be something to behold.

In case anyone wanted to see what it looked like, here you go! ^.^

It uses WebOS to power it, and many brave hackers are venturing into the land of porting over Gingerbread (Android OS) along with Honeycomb down the line (Hopefully). If I get my hands on one of these puppies, I may end up screaming like a little schoolgirl, just a fair warning.

I personally am quite excited for this coming Saturday, a small group of us is gonna be bunkering down and devouring food and nerding out over the coming season premiere of Doctor Who. It will be witnessed upon a beautiful 55'' Screen and crowded around for the duration of said show. My friend Daniel once again pointed out something about the show-- However, I will agree to an extent this time.. His words of "He's still ugly, and she's still annoying" still ring in my ears with acknowledgement.

Until next time, which might be filled with some great stuff of coherency and logic... Which was seeming to lack in this post (for my standards at least :>)


Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding myself move along...

     I remember several years ago, walking into my school as a 7th grader, afraid of what was to come. Asking myself if I would be there till I graduate, and wondering if everyone else would stay as long as myself.

     Now, I find myself, about to walk into Senior year with my head held high. Some friends kept, some sadly lost. With Daniel recently doing a lengthy post about friends and what they mean to him, I find myself asking similar questions. Cause we all have the friends that are basically family, heck I've been dubbed the "missing link" within the Evans' household.

     I won't be going and copying Daniel's Blog post and going through and naming all (some) of my friends. But, more of a looking into myself about the friends I have, and what they mean to me. There's not a day that goes by that I talk to at least one of my friends, whether it's through Internet means or in person. And whenever I think of friends, things such as long stories about various shenanigans that have been pulled whilst at KA. Some of the things may include (but NOT limited by) "Apple Rolling", Waltzing in the street, or even the walks to Dairy Queen during some of the lunches throughout the years.

     It's the time here in our early part of our life, where we find out ourselves, find the friends who may stay or just keep moving. Those friends that we have now influence us in more ways that we can imagine.. There's been several talks of "What would've happened" if I were to not have come to KA, or to have only came for a year or so. With how I've grown up, and those around me, could've been different, and probably not all for the best.

     I notice a lot now days how people ramble on about "What have I become?" and things that are demeaning to themselves, trying to say how they are not what they used to be, and those changes within themselves have been for the worst. But, who are they to say it's for the worse? There may have been things not-so-great happen, but try to look down the line and see how it makes you react to the things in life. How and WHO we become is widely effected by who we're around.

Sorry if I rabbit-trailed a bit, it was all I could do to get the ideas from pouring out of my head like a waterfall descending onto a fleet of ships.. Wait... Yeah, just think about that, picture it in your head, and comment the next thing that pops into your head!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Chromebook? Yes.

Hello! And welcome, I guess. Just recently, I made my way onto Amazon, and did a few purchases! One of which was the very thing I'm typing on, my very new, shiny and sparkly, Acer AC700-1099 .... In other words, my new Chromebook! If any of you are curious as to what the desktop of the Chromebook is, there is none! Here's a picture of my chromebook's desktop (along with my anonymous mask in a screenshot within this screenshot [That being the second thing I purchased])

The Chromebook is a cool piece of Tech, it is a netbook, while I know I rage'd about them on my first (or second?) blog post... However, it packs a powerful punch, and I'm not going away disappointed, in fact! I'm not going away!

Well, actually I am. From this post. (In case you [The reader] didn't catch on, that means I'm signing off, and finishing this post)

All this short post is brought to you by! An avid tech enthusiast! Cause the world wouldn't keep turning if it weren't for the nerds like myself.

Over and out!
-Wesl-- Anonymous

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Job, Life, and some Customer's "Quirks"

Well, things of interesting proportions have been happening in life (most for the better).. But, I won't bore you guys with details. Just point out some things of my work and some of the different "types" of customers...

"Napkin Hoarders"
     -They decide that they're planning on spilling something (even if they don't)... So, they grab ~30 napkins for the dinner for two... When they leave and I clean up their table, guess how many are used? About 3 or 4 normally >.>

"Crazy old People"
     -So, at my work the other night, there was an elderly lady, whenever I walked past her, she'd just wink at me.. She was from the looks of it, in her 70's or so, and at first it threw me off... But then I realized, she's one of those old people that does odd stuff on occasion just to confuse you and see your reaction.. Man, I love old people sometimes XD

     - Another "kind" of "Crazy old People" in my work was one couple in particular-- They had; between the two of them, 17 knives-- All of which were used. I'm not sure why, but in that 25 - 30 minute dinner, they decided it was a good idea to get close to 20 knives (and of course had about 7 spoons and forks on the table as well)

"Grumpy People"
     -There's always that one person who just haven't had things go their way that day, whether it was something that happened outside of the restaurant, or from within-- One customer particularly just grunted at me whenever I came by in an attempt to "pre-bus" their table.. Not a grunt of acknowledgement or disapproval, but just a grunt..

     -Another "Grumpy Person" I've come across was a certain customer that just had the need to glare at me.. Not sure if it was anything I did, or whatever-- And i know it wasn't just them zoning out, their eyes were following me as I kept walking..

"Helpful People"
     -These are the people who try to "help" you bus their table by stacking the dishes how they would... This of course leads up to issues of only able to hold about 3 plates on a single tray... Unlike the amount of ~6 plates, 2 - 4 cups, ~8 saucers, ~6 red bowls, 5 - 10 black bowls, and 5 - 10 black Pasta dishes... Thanks Customer, you have my dearest gratitude.

But all this isn't to say it's not fun at my work. The co-workers there have worked long enough where everybody knows each other and by the end of the day, can joke around... As long as we're actually closing up and not goofing off XD

And, co-workers aside, there's actual nice customers that when they leave, they hand me their tip personally and thank me for a good job. Man am I a sucker for their heart-felt "Thanks for cleaning up my mess that I paid specifically to do, just so you would have something to do." That right there, makes the job worth it. XD

Also, on a complete side note.. I've noticed I write much better at night, specifically at 3 AM.. I should try doing it mid-day once again.. Or else my blog posts will consist of nothing but my own version of Midnight Musings..

Question of The Post: Do you think I should keep the name of the blog As-is? Or name it something more unique? What should I name it? 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alive again? We'll see!

Well, after talking to some close friends this past week or so, I think I'm gonna try this whole "Blogging" thing out again. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of it and being able to express one's self through words that paint a unique picture not all can see.

So, my past idea of blog has been things such as my rants about tech, my idea of doing a movie review and now, the idea has been merged. I don't want to rant off aimlessly, but at the same time i want to do some sort of rant (in a controlled fashion [of course]). The idea has come down to a mixture of watching some stupid movies, and then pointing out all the flaws, poor acting, or all around general suckiness...

So, now I'm wanting your guys' input! Do you guys think I should force upon myself movies that kill me a little bit every time a word is spoken by the horrible actors, only to tell them to you guys later?


I could do something more along the lines of a day-to-day (not all days) kinda recap of the crazy things that happen in life, happen at work, and the general maelstrom that is my schedule in life.


I could do something along the lines of showing and doing reviews on new tech that comes out. Whether it's the new Acer Chromebook (that I will get to feast upon in coming weeks)


Come up with something you might find interesting for me to talk about! Sure! Anything!(To an extent)

So Please, Comment, rate, subsc-- OWait, this isn't youtube. Well, in that case, you know what to do!

Side Note: If I decide to start it back up, I will be deleting all the previous posts (or archiving them if i can figure out how? :P)

Friday, December 31, 2010

It is being put to rest...

So, after much thinking, I've had to decide to do one thing. I'm putting my blog to rest. I don't have the time to do it currently in my life. When I get more time later when summer comes along, or when I have more time in general I will resume my blog. But, for now it must be put to bed.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finals..... ARE OVER!!! AND, a new series i shall start!

So, first post for a while, sorry i kept you people waiting. So, here's a recap of how all of those finals went!
English - Went Pretty Well (at least i think so :P)
Math - Funny story! So, our teacher wasn't informed we had two class periods, so we had a shorter final :D
Lit - Originally supposed to be a spoken final, only to be last minute changed to a written one, oh well! still went quite well!
Greek - eh... just go to the next one...
History - It was harder than i was expecting, BUT i think i got a B or so on it!
Chemistry - It's just math in a different form, so it went quite well (or so i hope :P)
Art History - i over-fretted this one a bit too much,only to be the first one to finish :D
Bible - This was the only spoken final, and besides a thing here or there i think i got a solid B on it!

So, as you read above, I'm gonna be starting a new series soon on this Blog. And, we all know what that means! More frequent posts!
This New series is gonna be *Drum Roll* buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum
Movie reviews! It's a topic which most people just view a movie by its special effects rather than its acting ability and the good plot, character development, etc.
Now, here's the question for you guys.
What Movie should i do a review on first?
Please, post a comment and a movie you may think is good, you may think is bad, or you just wanna make me watch a terrible movie O.O and try to keep the movie within certain area of acceptableness.