Friday, December 31, 2010

It is being put to rest...

So, after much thinking, I've had to decide to do one thing. I'm putting my blog to rest. I don't have the time to do it currently in my life. When I get more time later when summer comes along, or when I have more time in general I will resume my blog. But, for now it must be put to bed.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finals..... ARE OVER!!! AND, a new series i shall start!

So, first post for a while, sorry i kept you people waiting. So, here's a recap of how all of those finals went!
English - Went Pretty Well (at least i think so :P)
Math - Funny story! So, our teacher wasn't informed we had two class periods, so we had a shorter final :D
Lit - Originally supposed to be a spoken final, only to be last minute changed to a written one, oh well! still went quite well!
Greek - eh... just go to the next one...
History - It was harder than i was expecting, BUT i think i got a B or so on it!
Chemistry - It's just math in a different form, so it went quite well (or so i hope :P)
Art History - i over-fretted this one a bit too much,only to be the first one to finish :D
Bible - This was the only spoken final, and besides a thing here or there i think i got a solid B on it!

So, as you read above, I'm gonna be starting a new series soon on this Blog. And, we all know what that means! More frequent posts!
This New series is gonna be *Drum Roll* buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum
Movie reviews! It's a topic which most people just view a movie by its special effects rather than its acting ability and the good plot, character development, etc.
Now, here's the question for you guys.
What Movie should i do a review on first?
Please, post a comment and a movie you may think is good, you may think is bad, or you just wanna make me watch a terrible movie O.O and try to keep the movie within certain area of acceptableness.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PC Vs Mac

After some recent topics about the constant war between ol' Bill and Steve with their respected PC vs Macs, I decided this needed to be cleared up! My opinion on the matter is a universal one, what kind of money do you have/want to spend, and what are you gonna do with it? If you are planning on only surfing the web and VERY light game playing (like Java based games) then you should go with a cheap PC laptop/desktop. But, the only way i could ever see myself EVER switching to a Mac would be if they turned their focus audience a bit more to the "nerd" category who likes to customize their PC or things of the like. On a Mac, you are given it and you can do very little to change it around, sure you can more your icon bar from the top to whichever side you want. Congratulations, you have fully understood the personalization of the Mac. You want a new Graphics card so you can run that new game filled with constant battles and you don't like having to turn down every setting so it'll barely run. So, as a Mac user, throw out that computer and go buy a new one that'll run you roughly around $1800. However, on the other end of the spectrum, if you have a computer with the processing power behind it, but not the card. A comparable card will run you roughly $250 bucks. that is more than 7 times cheaper! And, if you didn't have either the card or computer, a good computer with a comparable card and specs will cost you roughly $900! How's that for saving some money?

But, there's always those Mac users that say PC's just break. This statement is FALSE. I'll grant you that a Mac is more self-run, but for the PC it doesn't fall on the computer, the blame of it breaking is the User's fault. PC depends entirely on the user, if the user doesn't know how to get anti-virus, I can GUARANTEE you that they know someone who does! It took one of our old computers more then 12 years before it finally gave up on us. And that was only cause the Hard Drive failed on it. But, you use a computer regardless of it being a Mac or PC and you'll run across a problem after it being used for that long!

So, what's your guy's opinion on Macs vs PCs? And please, don't be throwing hate around, show your facts then go off of that!

Phunny stuph i came acrossph

Some Most of you may be very confused about what this is about, but just remember, it was funny :P

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

      So, after much reading of Daniel's Blog, Benny's Blog, and Nathan's Blog. I've decided to finally get one of my own! So, with some thinking and ideas given, I have a "road" where my blog is gonna be heading. That "road" won't be told, but it'll be pretty evident. So, as my first post i can critique some of the new gadgets that have been hyped about around the market. The first of which people have been raving about, is the new "kinect" for the 360, by Microsoft. Sure, it's a cool piece of tech, but who wants to pitch out $150 for that glorified motion sensor? sure, it'll render a 3D image that runs in real time (video of it below), but for the normal gamer, it's not a necessary piece, and frankly, it's quite sluggish if you're playing a game with it. Sure, I'm not a fan, but others might be! What's your thoughts on this piece of machinery?

(sorry it's only the link, I've tried to embed but to no avail D:)

       Another thing i don't really understand that people seem to keep getting are the little 10'' screen notebook laptops. While i run on a monstrous 17'' screen that WILL eat others, it doesn't make sense on why someone would want to pay more on that rather then paying about 200 dollars less, that has a better battery life, bigger screen, AND more horsepower behind that computer! Whenever I go out, I see a lady RANDOMLY pull a laptop out OF THEIR PURSE?! WHO PUTS A LAPTOP IN THEIR PURSE?!?! Women...

      My Final "gadget" that makes no sense and is WAY overpriced is the IPad. Sure, they have a big high def screen that will eat my IPod's, but! Who needs a $650 wifi only piece of tech that isn't portable. if you want a non portable piece of tech, just spend less (or more depending on which one you're getting) and get a laptop! i have my beast of a laptop that i got for only $400! Sure, it may need a new battery, but there's the warranty for that, (which it's still under and we're in the process of getting a new one :D)

So, if you have any other things i should review, whether they may be games, high tech items, or anything else just drop a comment and let me know!