Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finals..... ARE OVER!!! AND, a new series i shall start!

So, first post for a while, sorry i kept you people waiting. So, here's a recap of how all of those finals went!
English - Went Pretty Well (at least i think so :P)
Math - Funny story! So, our teacher wasn't informed we had two class periods, so we had a shorter final :D
Lit - Originally supposed to be a spoken final, only to be last minute changed to a written one, oh well! still went quite well!
Greek - eh... just go to the next one...
History - It was harder than i was expecting, BUT i think i got a B or so on it!
Chemistry - It's just math in a different form, so it went quite well (or so i hope :P)
Art History - i over-fretted this one a bit too much,only to be the first one to finish :D
Bible - This was the only spoken final, and besides a thing here or there i think i got a solid B on it!

So, as you read above, I'm gonna be starting a new series soon on this Blog. And, we all know what that means! More frequent posts!
This New series is gonna be *Drum Roll* buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum buh dum
Movie reviews! It's a topic which most people just view a movie by its special effects rather than its acting ability and the good plot, character development, etc.
Now, here's the question for you guys.
What Movie should i do a review on first?
Please, post a comment and a movie you may think is good, you may think is bad, or you just wanna make me watch a terrible movie O.O and try to keep the movie within certain area of acceptableness.


  1. If you go see Tron in the theater, I'd love to see a review on that...

  2. Question: Are they going to be like overviews? If so, please don't. I hate spoilers. If they're simply your own opinion, then that'd be awesome!

    Do a rant on Transformers 2. I'd love to see your negative side at its fullest.

  3. NOT overviews. I really dont wanna watch transformers 2 again :P and i do wanna see the new Tron... hmmm.... but! it will be my own opinion!

  4. And, I WILL be doing a review on TRON:Legacy and watch the old one right after i watch Legacy in theater, compare, contrast, etc.