Sunday, July 31, 2011

Alive again? We'll see!

Well, after talking to some close friends this past week or so, I think I'm gonna try this whole "Blogging" thing out again. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of it and being able to express one's self through words that paint a unique picture not all can see.

So, my past idea of blog has been things such as my rants about tech, my idea of doing a movie review and now, the idea has been merged. I don't want to rant off aimlessly, but at the same time i want to do some sort of rant (in a controlled fashion [of course]). The idea has come down to a mixture of watching some stupid movies, and then pointing out all the flaws, poor acting, or all around general suckiness...

So, now I'm wanting your guys' input! Do you guys think I should force upon myself movies that kill me a little bit every time a word is spoken by the horrible actors, only to tell them to you guys later?


I could do something more along the lines of a day-to-day (not all days) kinda recap of the crazy things that happen in life, happen at work, and the general maelstrom that is my schedule in life.


I could do something along the lines of showing and doing reviews on new tech that comes out. Whether it's the new Acer Chromebook (that I will get to feast upon in coming weeks)


Come up with something you might find interesting for me to talk about! Sure! Anything!(To an extent)

So Please, Comment, rate, subsc-- OWait, this isn't youtube. Well, in that case, you know what to do!

Side Note: If I decide to start it back up, I will be deleting all the previous posts (or archiving them if i can figure out how? :P)