Friday, August 12, 2011

Chromebook? Yes.

Hello! And welcome, I guess. Just recently, I made my way onto Amazon, and did a few purchases! One of which was the very thing I'm typing on, my very new, shiny and sparkly, Acer AC700-1099 .... In other words, my new Chromebook! If any of you are curious as to what the desktop of the Chromebook is, there is none! Here's a picture of my chromebook's desktop (along with my anonymous mask in a screenshot within this screenshot [That being the second thing I purchased])

The Chromebook is a cool piece of Tech, it is a netbook, while I know I rage'd about them on my first (or second?) blog post... However, it packs a powerful punch, and I'm not going away disappointed, in fact! I'm not going away!

Well, actually I am. From this post. (In case you [The reader] didn't catch on, that means I'm signing off, and finishing this post)

All this short post is brought to you by! An avid tech enthusiast! Cause the world wouldn't keep turning if it weren't for the nerds like myself.

Over and out!
-Wesl-- Anonymous

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