Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding myself move along...

     I remember several years ago, walking into my school as a 7th grader, afraid of what was to come. Asking myself if I would be there till I graduate, and wondering if everyone else would stay as long as myself.

     Now, I find myself, about to walk into Senior year with my head held high. Some friends kept, some sadly lost. With Daniel recently doing a lengthy post about friends and what they mean to him, I find myself asking similar questions. Cause we all have the friends that are basically family, heck I've been dubbed the "missing link" within the Evans' household.

     I won't be going and copying Daniel's Blog post and going through and naming all (some) of my friends. But, more of a looking into myself about the friends I have, and what they mean to me. There's not a day that goes by that I talk to at least one of my friends, whether it's through Internet means or in person. And whenever I think of friends, things such as long stories about various shenanigans that have been pulled whilst at KA. Some of the things may include (but NOT limited by) "Apple Rolling", Waltzing in the street, or even the walks to Dairy Queen during some of the lunches throughout the years.

     It's the time here in our early part of our life, where we find out ourselves, find the friends who may stay or just keep moving. Those friends that we have now influence us in more ways that we can imagine.. There's been several talks of "What would've happened" if I were to not have come to KA, or to have only came for a year or so. With how I've grown up, and those around me, could've been different, and probably not all for the best.

     I notice a lot now days how people ramble on about "What have I become?" and things that are demeaning to themselves, trying to say how they are not what they used to be, and those changes within themselves have been for the worst. But, who are they to say it's for the worse? There may have been things not-so-great happen, but try to look down the line and see how it makes you react to the things in life. How and WHO we become is widely effected by who we're around.

Sorry if I rabbit-trailed a bit, it was all I could do to get the ideas from pouring out of my head like a waterfall descending onto a fleet of ships.. Wait... Yeah, just think about that, picture it in your head, and comment the next thing that pops into your head!



  1. I'm glad we know you Wesley :D Everyone needs a Wes in their group of friends and the world would be a much sadder place without your nerdiness.

  2. Yeah, this one i threw together in like 10 mins, I'm planning on doing longer ones as time becomes more available.

  3. You've gone to KA for.... five years? It kind of makes me wonder what it was like before we knew you. Or even what it was like before you knew us, how different was it?

  4. Yep, this will be year 6 for me.. I'd like to say I was more timid than I am now. Which I was, but still quite "out there" in comparison to most.. And, of course, I was quite short.. Like Christian's height O.O Now I'm standing tall at close to 6' 4''

  5. I am kind of kicking myself for not commenting. >.< I had a comment all thought up in my head and all. I just forgot to. You know. Type it down. And then I remembered! "AHH! YOU FORGOT TO SAY YOUR COMMENT!" So here I am. Commenting on a kinda old post. Better late then never?...

    Very awesome post. :D It is true that our circle of friends would be lacking very sadly in Wesley nerdism. Just sayin'.
    You...Christian's height? That is so weird to think about.. O.O XD