Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Job, Life, and some Customer's "Quirks"

Well, things of interesting proportions have been happening in life (most for the better).. But, I won't bore you guys with details. Just point out some things of my work and some of the different "types" of customers...

"Napkin Hoarders"
     -They decide that they're planning on spilling something (even if they don't)... So, they grab ~30 napkins for the dinner for two... When they leave and I clean up their table, guess how many are used? About 3 or 4 normally >.>

"Crazy old People"
     -So, at my work the other night, there was an elderly lady, whenever I walked past her, she'd just wink at me.. She was from the looks of it, in her 70's or so, and at first it threw me off... But then I realized, she's one of those old people that does odd stuff on occasion just to confuse you and see your reaction.. Man, I love old people sometimes XD

     - Another "kind" of "Crazy old People" in my work was one couple in particular-- They had; between the two of them, 17 knives-- All of which were used. I'm not sure why, but in that 25 - 30 minute dinner, they decided it was a good idea to get close to 20 knives (and of course had about 7 spoons and forks on the table as well)

"Grumpy People"
     -There's always that one person who just haven't had things go their way that day, whether it was something that happened outside of the restaurant, or from within-- One customer particularly just grunted at me whenever I came by in an attempt to "pre-bus" their table.. Not a grunt of acknowledgement or disapproval, but just a grunt..

     -Another "Grumpy Person" I've come across was a certain customer that just had the need to glare at me.. Not sure if it was anything I did, or whatever-- And i know it wasn't just them zoning out, their eyes were following me as I kept walking..

"Helpful People"
     -These are the people who try to "help" you bus their table by stacking the dishes how they would... This of course leads up to issues of only able to hold about 3 plates on a single tray... Unlike the amount of ~6 plates, 2 - 4 cups, ~8 saucers, ~6 red bowls, 5 - 10 black bowls, and 5 - 10 black Pasta dishes... Thanks Customer, you have my dearest gratitude.

But all this isn't to say it's not fun at my work. The co-workers there have worked long enough where everybody knows each other and by the end of the day, can joke around... As long as we're actually closing up and not goofing off XD

And, co-workers aside, there's actual nice customers that when they leave, they hand me their tip personally and thank me for a good job. Man am I a sucker for their heart-felt "Thanks for cleaning up my mess that I paid specifically to do, just so you would have something to do." That right there, makes the job worth it. XD

Also, on a complete side note.. I've noticed I write much better at night, specifically at 3 AM.. I should try doing it mid-day once again.. Or else my blog posts will consist of nothing but my own version of Midnight Musings..

Question of The Post: Do you think I should keep the name of the blog As-is? Or name it something more unique? What should I name it? 


  1. Hahahahahaha xD People are so funny. xD

    Keep it the way it is!! I like your blog name, it is so awesome! Unless you want to change it of course. :P But I like this one. :)

  2. i think we all write better late at night. i know i write better at night sometimes...haha. :) yeah my residents try and stack dishes together to "help" me, doesn't really work either...just makes more of a mess. haha.

  3. Sounds like you have a crazy population of customers there. Must be the location.

    I'm pretty sure that's copyright infringement to use "Midnight Musings" without my permission. XD

    Same with Question of the Post. I made that up myself.

    To answer the question, the name is not that unique. You borrowed (once again) from my blog. So if you want, I'd pick something more original.

    Not trying to be a problem, sorry. I just can't help but notice elements I created repeated in here.

    Good post! I hope to see more frequent ones with as much quality as this one!

  4. I would probably change the name to something more unique as well, but maybe that's just me.. on the other hand, as Daniel said, Good post! I hope that doesn't count as copyright infringement to say that :P

  5. I know :P When I first made this blog, my intention was to copy you guys in a joking manner (including the name) But, I veered away from that.. So, what kinda thing do you guys think I should do for the name? This post's name stuck out to me when I first wrote it (referring to: "The Future is Coming, and I can Almost see it...")

    Also, @DJ Wilson You have to take into account that I have about 20 tables in a single section... And if most people take about 30 Mins to get in then get out, alongside a 6 hour shift (4 of which while the restaurant is open).. So, you can see how I get a lot crazy customers. :P

  6. I don't think the amount of tables and length of time each person is at one has anything to do with any of the customers you just described. Maybe the grunting person, but the rest just seem to be weirdos.

    Anyways, I was joking about the whole infringement thingy. NATHAN! You should know me better than that...sheesh

    I'm basically pointed out what I see on my blog. Is that strange? No! Because if something looks (for example) like my head, I'm probably going to notice it and take account of it. Duh...

  7. Well, if i have more customers come through, there's a greater chance there's going to be a couple people who aren't as "normal" come through..