Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Post? Random post.

    Within the realm that is my head, lies many random short phrases and traps of which will get my head to ramble off in a different train of thought. For example, I was with my parents on our way out to North Planes, when there was a forest off to our right, someone in the car mentioned rodents or something along those lines, my mind instantly jumped to rabbits, and brought back an old Looney Toons scene to mind...

That video poster is however lame and doesn't want people to embed. Or else I would have!

On another note! I got my new phone yesterday! And, it took it all till today for the service of it to get switched over (I had data usage on it, but not actual calling.) Assuming you're wanting to see it, it's the HTC Thunderbolt, complete with water-slide and everything! Well, not so much on that last part, but enough to make 99% of iPhone users cringe with envy.

It has a kickstand on it, which I find quite useless to be honest, but it has it nevertheless. It's been great... other than the whole "My battery makes you want to cry." This however is to be expected, well that is if you've seen the power behind it.

The next gadget within my sights is the HP Touchpad.. They've been discontinued from HP, and are going on a massive fire sale recently.. Each Touchpad cost over $300 to manufacture, yet they're being sold right now for $100 and $150 each (16gig and 32 gig respectively). Their normal price is $500 and $600, so picking one of these up at this price would be something to behold.

In case anyone wanted to see what it looked like, here you go! ^.^

It uses WebOS to power it, and many brave hackers are venturing into the land of porting over Gingerbread (Android OS) along with Honeycomb down the line (Hopefully). If I get my hands on one of these puppies, I may end up screaming like a little schoolgirl, just a fair warning.

I personally am quite excited for this coming Saturday, a small group of us is gonna be bunkering down and devouring food and nerding out over the coming season premiere of Doctor Who. It will be witnessed upon a beautiful 55'' Screen and crowded around for the duration of said show. My friend Daniel once again pointed out something about the show-- However, I will agree to an extent this time.. His words of "He's still ugly, and she's still annoying" still ring in my ears with acknowledgement.

Until next time, which might be filled with some great stuff of coherency and logic... Which was seeming to lack in this post (for my standards at least :>)



  1. still UGLY???!!! yeah i get the whole "she's still annoying" part. but "he's still ugly"? you guys are just insane. that is so not true. matt smith is a beautiful man and i'm gonna marry him.

  2. XD Yay! You did a random post! haha Fun right? x)

    Phone looks pretty sweet!
    I so want one of those HP Touchpads...Ahhh!!! (And I want to be there if you scream..hehehe)
    I am so looking forward to Saturday!! :D Dr. Who nerdiness, here I come! Yaaaaaaay!!! And I still don't see why you guys think Matt Smith is ugly...Uhhhh.........................Naaaw....

    Eh. Coherency and logic are over rated when it comes to posting. :P XD

  3. Lol, I'm glad someone takes my side. Literally the first thing I said when I saw him was "That's one ugly cockroach." And every time I see an episode there's always a girl with him that's annoying as heck.

    However, I am still in decision whether I like the show or not. So far it hasn't looked so good for the Doctor.

    Woah, anyway, great post. I'm curious as to why HP stopped production of them?

  4. They weren't selling... Best buy bought > 200,000 units and only sold ~ 10,000 of them inside of 6 months..

  5. As an iPhone user, I would like o say that I am not cringing with envy, more of pity, that someone has (as my 5 year old brother calls it) an iPhone ripoff. FYI, the touchpad looks like a joke compared to te iPad 2. Just saying…